Danji Korean Restaurant

Located in an assuming strip small in Northern Virginia,  filled with mostly Korean businesses this mom and pop Korean restaurant offers an opportunity to try many typical dishes. When I left home on a lazy Sunday drive,Ii was hoping to find something enjoyable and a different experience for dinner without breaking the bank, but I didn't have specific destination, what brought me there was the promise of a 50% off coupon that I saw next door at SpaWorld, one of the few full size Asian Spas in the U.S. which I want to visit soon anyway. I was the only customer at that time and I was thinking: lets just get wherever, me hungry. I asked for a suggestion, the owner was happy to recommend and explained few dishes that I pointed out. But Oh boy, I forgot Korean restaurants customarily bring an array of small tasty dishes for certain menu items, there were so many and then the main dish looked intriguing but was awesome, I went for one of the fish options and when everything was in front of me I was really happy to have stopped by, everything was delicious, plentiful and well presented. Check the pictures and judge for yourself. What was funny here was that the staff got together for late lunch or easy dinner and the cooks were Latinos ! I couldn't help but to smile at the sight, but I just though,  oh well they have been trained very well. And I got my coupon, actually I asked politely and she gave me two, yes ! I couldn't find their website, so here is their Google+ link: https://plus.google.com/117375326700161718463 Have you tried Korean food in your town ? Recommended dishes ?

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