Fantasy and Awesome Characters in D.C.

DSCF7115I learned about the Awesome Con being at the Washington Convention Center in DC, since my kids like these so much I have been in many already, I made a point to swing by and drop off Tato who was with me at the time. Well, I ended up staying and enjoying seeing so many people excited about their cos playing, I admit I don't understand the full scope of why people are so committed to these events. For me is like having hallowing fun many times over during the year, fun but this a whole sub culture very popular Worldwide. It got my attention to see so many age groups, and backgrounds. It becomes quickly evident that most folks are whites in their twenties, but I did see whole families, kids with their parents in tow, older folks, all shapes and all races. I think the oldest cos player i saw must have been in her 60's, Interesting enough tickets are not cheap with the most expensive package costing more than a $1,000 plus expenses. And as per a Washington Post article, this three day event is a huge business, which explains the many version been created in many cities, this particular show's attendance is estimated to be about 30,000 and moves almost $5 million to the city.  Few major business conventions can show numbers like these. I ended up spending mos of my afternoon here and had a great time people watching, taking photography and trying to understand or recognize many of the characters. Really fun, people are very friendly and respectful, many volunteers for information and security people. If photography is your thing, you'll have a field day, Cos players love to pose for you! So if you happen to be in a city that is holding an Anime Con, try to check it out, there are not two alike, most of the time you don't pay an entrance fee and you definitely see many things you don't see everyday. DSCF7120 Very neat. I guess I would have Cos played back in the day. Even the Washington post had a note about it :  

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