Random Acts of Kindness

I know I wanted to do this all along, but I thought so much about trying to make right that I kind of froze and just put it in the back on my mind. This is something negative I tend to do: try to be so perfectionist that it is harder to find the right way to start. Traveling has definitely taught that great journeys start with the first step. So I'm committed to give that first step. I checked in the webs about other people doing similar projects, and in some of the forums I found, most of the ideas were about giving or money to a homeless. Great intention and certainly nice, but I want to do something more personal and meaningful (to me). I don't have much money to begin with, and I think giving someone money or paying for someone's coffee is a feel good gesture and everything but not what I really want. Oh and donating to a church or non profits, well it won't make any difference, I know most cash donations are misused and I'll never know what happened. Too easy. After much brainstorming what I will do is to actively look for cars with stickers about Autism and Special Needs families and leave a Kudos card with a smile, if I can add a gift certificate for a small treat like an ice cream (any body in the family can use it I guess) even better. It is just about giving some one a pat in the back for a great work. Why a Kudos card ? Parenting is difficult, parenting someone with Special needs is 10x harder! and I can talk by experience. It can be lonely, frustrating, tiring and every daily activity seems harder: going to a restaurant? shopping? visiting ? just taking a break? it is hard...  so what if you find a card with a smile acknowledging the work you do? I'm a little nervous to see how people take it, but I must try. If I can see some smiles out of this it will make me really happy and hopefully make someone's day a little brighter. I'll be taking pix of my progress and will report here with the Random Acts of Kindness tag.

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