Pride and Acceptance

Traveling opens your mind and heart. What the Special Needs and the LGBT community have in common ? Well, funny how you learn in life's journey. I consider myself open minded, even for someone born "a while back" in a catholic, conservative society in South America.  I've been observing the LGBT community dynamics from a distance, as an interesting sociology and anthropological happening. But the more I think about their struggle to be accepted and to pursue happiness the way they see it best, the more I see similarities between groups that are "different". I think great progress has been made for many groups, and definitely the LGBT is in a great momentum of fully integration in society, with great progress made worldwide in the last 20 years. This leads me to think about other groups that are "different": the large Special Needs community has been quietly battling much longer for acceptance and for a more open embracing from the community in general, but I thin it will a long time before I see parades in all cities celebrating people with disabilities, may be some day. In any case I'm glad I went to DC's parade. It was a such a festive event with happy energy all around, fun to experience. I was happy to see young and old people, families, blacks, latinos, asians and many diverse group celebrating together their lifestyle. One the things that I've learned after traveling to many places is that we are all just looking to lead happy life's, wherever we are and in whatever circumstances life deal us. When we all help others to be all they can be, all grow as a society and as individuals. Besides honestly I don't think intimate preferences are just the individuals' business. These are some images from the parade: Rainbow Dancing ! and why not a nice selfie ! How you been in a Pride Parade ?

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