Life is too short to clean

WP_20150510_001I found this on my mail box the other day and it made me think about the whole house cleaning issue. I was never into the big house, with big yard but as you'll learn later on this blog, I did't for more than 20 years and I hated it. I like clean of course, but spending so much of my precious time cleaning the big ass house, yak. Being a fan of efficiency it never made sense to me to first have a large house, then needing to spend lots of time vacuuming, moping, dusting and decorating. When I was more flush we had a cleaning lady who would come twice a week and take care of that, it was a nice feeling, but it was more to keep the wife happy, but few our later, with the family's activities it didn't look pretty any more. The point I want to make is that yes the business that left this on my mail box, knows that people don't want to spend their precious time cleaning, they will do it for a fee (not cheap), but why put ourselves in that need in the first place? I see lot of cleaning crews in the neighborhood every day, run mostly by new immigrants and minorities living the American Dream too. When I visited some friends back in the day, I always heard the apologies because things are "messy", or I could sense the husband's or children's frustration with the need to help keep things neat  and looking like the magazines. In the other hand I know that some people are really good at it and spend a good deal of time and money on this task. Good for them, their places really look nice though, I know some just like the magazines  🙂 Also this stuff is really expensive, if want a real good cleaning, is going to cost you, their prices are per area and go higher quicly if you want things like baseboards, taking trash to the curb (!) Not for me: Life is too short to clean One of the many benefits of smaller living quarters is that the frustration, expense and need for cleaning is less, obvious ? what don't we do it then? Oh yeah, keeping up with the Joneses. Your thoughts?

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