Useless Freezing

I haven't blogged in a while. Trying to make it perfect or much better than before has this effect. Frozen to inactivity ... so many months have passed, shame .... Trying to make all perfect creates a mental block tat makes any task many more times more complicated that it needs to be. I ve decided to start writing more frequently, that is the only thing that will make me better. Besides my interest to share with others my Journey is stronger than my fear of judgement. I'm also clear that the best way to start a journey is deciding to take those first steps. I've done it with actual trips and I;m ready now with many paths of this Journey. For the past months I've started writing quick thoughts using a notes app, and it has been fantastic. I never wrote before and many moments and experiences are gone, but the thoughts that I've captured since I started with this habit have been really important for my self motivation. Thanks to that now I can back to many situations and be able to share them here. Starting self improvement is so important and may be difficult but at the same time so simple. In my case I've developed new habits that were difficult to me and now they are a need, and you know what ? They are easy to implement. Thanks to taking these first steps I can remember these major experiences:
  • Decided to separate from wife of 25 years
  • Started taking big steps to simplify life
  • Accepted relationship realities with my children
  • Took a six month trip to South East Asia
  • Traveled East to West Europe
  • Traveled for two months with my son with Asperger's
  • Decided to do something for others
  • Made Traveling a primary goal
  • Started  a project to travel with a purpose
I'll share about these steps, because I believe many people out there want to take similar steps or feel the same frustrations that I've felt or am feeling (is like it never ends) YOUR TAKE: Just take the first step. Things can only get better.    

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