Winning with Simple Life

I'll share in a different post much of my mental process to share how I got to this point. But I want to share about the improvements I've realized so far. Hopefully some of these will motivate you to simplify your life too and get a higher level of well being.
  • For the first time in my life I started going to the gym more regularly, and is not a drag.
  • I'm sleeping better, waking up more rested, with more energy and more positive
  • Much less stress in my daily life (so obvious but I wonder so many people don't act to change this)
  • Feel the need to be more grateful and thankful everyday for the little I have.
  • Feel Free, in control of my time and a general feeling of real happiness.
  • Glad to have a tiny footprint on the environment.
  • Now I have more time and motivation to work on my own projects, dreams and ideas
  • I've lost about 35 pounds and didn't even realize it !!!
  • Now I eat better, less, rest better, feeling healthier
  • I ve dated some great ladies, in addition to great personal experiences, I'm learning so much about myself.
  • I enjoy the luxury of so much time on my hands.
  • Not so much worried about financial concerns, and no I haven't won the lottery.
  • Less stress by not watching "news", TV shows and Hollywood movies.
I'll elaborate on these achievements on other posts so you can understand me better.  

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