HI THERE ! NICE TO MEET YOU! My own AnchormanMy name is Martin and always found myself dreaming of traveling and "collecting experiences" since I can remember, I always seem to have a camera near me and I'm always thinking of where I'd love to go next. MY STORY I was born in Colombia and have lived in the U.S. more than half my life in the Washington D.C.area, I always wanted to experience other cities but the rich cultural and international scene has always been a strong pull, also since I started my family it became harder. Now kids are ready to start their own life, I'm divorced, I've disposed of most material possessions, have simplified my life and finances and I'm so ready to follow my passions. I had few corporate jobs, but never liked them much, I hated the 9-5 (more like 7-7) routine, office politics and the many pointless and mindless routines, also suppressing my wandering spirit made me frustrated and unhappy. Eventually I became self employed. Family life has been good, all the American Dream spoils, have owned ore than 11 properties, few business and bought many things; but always feeling empty, restless and not happy. There were many financial ups and downs but always dreaming of more travel and life experiences, but the more time passed the more restless I became and the more skeptical of my American Dream experience. I always planned family trips and ways to go and see was out there, even with babies and all the work involved, it was fun. Great memories. NewsOf course the more I did it the more I wanted (The Bug), now I've transitioned to finally been able to follow MY passions and dreams. Kids are a lot more independent and after twenty years I've decided to separate from my wife. Great women but many different goals, dreams and life expectations. Life moves on. I've managed to travel to many places, now I'm ready to do it more permanently, making a life style, been Digital Nomad among other things. Now I'm debt free, 20131127_105009 - CopyI'm moving from a huge house (7 BR, 5 Baths, etc), I may just start Camping with my car while I can get a Van and customized for more permanent travel. I learned about a very interested way to travel called Vandwelling, and there are many new channels in you tube of people sharing their experience. I would call it Lux Backpacking. I'll write a post about my thoughts on this. I've reduced my possessions to the minimum, I've defined purpose to travel full time and explore more of this world. Finally turning life long dreams into a reality. This is the story of a mans' life journey and my pursuing of happiness. This is my place to vent, to share, to rant and learn from others about their Journey and Travels. I've always seen life as the most precious Journey and always wanted to make everyday enriching through self discovery, learning and traveling. I've been inspired and I've learned from many other blogs. I hope you enjoy this blog and can find something here that can inspire you and help in our your own Journey. Feel free to contact me on Facebook, twitter or simply send me an email to JourneyTraveller.com at Gmail TO GET A BETTER PICTURE: What I've learned from traveling Where I've been MY INTERESTS: Ready to fly Sharing Travel with a purpose Flying Laughs, good humor Simple living Learning something everyday Seeing new sights Photography Trying new foods Meeting new people My Special Needs Journey Parenting and Fun and random staff.  

Happy Travels ! Bon Voyage ! Buen Viaje ! Bono Viaggio !